What makes Resonance especially dynamic is the mirroring of the hero’s journey in a thrilling series of dance pieces, choreographed by dancer and martial arts European champion Cecily Fay. Two dancers play out the narrative on stage in a combination of dance, martial arts and acrobatics.

Resonance is so much more than a concert, giving audiences a unique and engaging experience.


Resonance is a concert performance of original music, composed by Alison Jones, inspired by legends of female warriors, from a time when honour and elemental forces were the powers that influenced lives. 
Resonance introduces a brand new style of performance, blending haunting music and exhilarating dance into an unforgettable evening. The original concert pieces are composed by Alison Jones and performed live by Alison on violin and vocals, together with six musicians on a variety of instruments, including flute, guitar and clàrsach (Celticharp). A fusion of Scottish, Arabic, classical and flamenco disciplines, the composition is inspired by the legend of a conquering young Celt, who encounters a tribe of formidable warrior women and learns from them the value of love, respect and equality.

Take a listen below to 3 clips taken from the score:

Land of the Shadows: https://bit.ly/2w0V4nL
Nightmare Sequence: https://bit.ly/2w23Guo
Song of the Shifting Shadows: https://bit.ly/2JKMJGZ

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