In 2013, Strung Out received funding from the BBC Performing Arts Community Fund, and Arts Council England, to work on a unique new project: Express Symphony


Inspired by the word ‘express’ in the context of living in East London, Strung Out players recorded sounds, images and text, to provide inspiration for composer Alison Jones. Express Symphony is the result of this collaboration and conveys the everyday motions and emotions of life as seen and experienced by this very local London collective. A reaction to the London that is joyful and colourful, as well as challenging, Express Symphony is a communal expression of what it is like to live in this diverse, multi‐cultural and inspirational city. The piece is performed in four movements incorporating violins, ukuleles, banjos and voices and to that end, Strung Out joined forces with Walthamstow Acoustic Massive (WAM), an umbrella for singing and music groups. In a sing‐along and play‐along extravaganza, more than 50 singers and players came together at each festival to perform Express Symphony and, in addition, interpretations of Hotel California by The Eagles and One Day Like This by Elbow, as well as solo sets from Strung Out and the ukulele and banjo groups. Express Symphony was performed for a second year at Walthamstow Garden Party.


Check the video HERE