Resonance 2018

Resonance is a concert performance of original music, composed by Alison Jones, inspired by legends of female warriors, from a time when honour and elemental forces were the powers that influenced lives. 
This provocative and visceral music is a hybrid of flamenco, classical and Arabic disciplines fused with traditional and contemporary music, played out aurally and visually between seven musicians and two dancers, incorporating dance, acrobatics and martial arts. This adds a new dynamic to the mode of concert performance, through movement and lighting that supports the narrative. Resonance conveys the message of strength, equality and equilibrium that are inspiring themes for all generations.
A tour of concerts from Cornwall through the South West to Walthamstow, London, will take place from 1st-9th June 2018. The performances will be complimented by dance & martial arts workshops for local disadvantaged women, exploring self esteem and confidence.
For more information, contact our associate producer Dodie Finamore at

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